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Commercial EV Charging Level 2


A successful transition starts with a solid installation.

Assistance with Government grants & incentives, technical support, specialized accessories and more!

Whether you wish to add a charging station at the edge of a sidewalk, along a wall, in a gravel parking lot or on the edge of a boat dock, we've got you covered. Installation techniques have been developed for a wide variety of locations and scenarios!

Government incentives are available on many levels - federal, provincial or municipal, a program may already be in place for a project like yours!

You want to replace existing pedestals with Evera stations? No problem, we thought of that too!

The EV transition experts at Bornes Québec will assist you from the beginning until project completion.

Electric vehicle charger installation

Versatility at its best.

Installing your Evera station


Subsidies & incentives

Many programs exist, find out which one is best suited to your project!

Financial assistance measures are available from different government levels depending on your location and the nature of your project.

The experts at Bornes Québec will guide you towards the best program for your situation!

Installation techniques and accessories

Many installation techniques are offered.

Contact us for a custom solution!

Detailed information about accessories and installation methods can be found on the TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION page.


Charging Station Wall Installation

Evera Wall Base

Installation on Sonotube


Concrete Base Installation

Evera Adapter Plate

Custom Slab Installation

Custom slab

Helical Pile Installation

Helical piles

EV Charging Station on Sidewalk


Concrete Base for EV Charger

Concrete base

Marine Charging Station


The Engagement 360 program

Engagement 360 is Borne Québec's commitment to exceptionnal technical support.

Your project is covered from beginning to end, from early planning to final user experience!

Fast delivery service 24-48 hours

Smart Technology Conversion Service

Support for government grants

Access to a large network of electrical contractors

Technical Support

Access to a courtesy terminal in the event of breakage

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